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Oxidation, Hydrogenation Catalysts, Renewables, Environmental, Membranes

CRI Catalyst Company serves the chemical and petrochemical industry by supplying catalysts, technology, and services to meet a wide range of requirements.

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Catalysts are the key


IH2 does by technology what Mother Nature might require 120 million years to accomplish, compressing geologic time to mere minutes.

KBR selected by CRI Catalyst Company (CRI) to develop engineering packages for IH2 process


KBR today announced it was selected by CRI Catalyst Company (CRI) as the preferred Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) partner supporting licensed design of IH2 technology commercial scale facilities, having greater than 330-tons/day dry biomass feed rates.

Fueling the future with renewable gasoline and diesel


New IH2 Advanced Biofuels Technology Converts Non-Food Biomass into Cost-Effective Renewable Transportation Fuel

New IH2 advanced biofuels plant broadens options for converting biomass into transportation fuels


Des Plaines, IL – February 14, 2012 –The IH2 technology is a catalytic thermochemical process that promises to be a very cost-effective route to produce liquid transportation fuels from renewable resources. GTI recently added a new Pilot-Scale IH2 Plant to broaden biomass-to-liquid hydrocarbon fuel conversion.