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Custom Catalysts

CRI Catalyst Company LP, with its global resources in research and development (R&D), manufacturing, and surface and materials science is a highly a desirable partner in custom catalyst development.

Ethylene Oxide

As a result of our R&D efforts, CRI is the world’s leading supplier of Ethylene Oxide catalysts. More than 50% of the world’s EO is currently produced using CRI’s EO catalysts.


CRI/Criterion’s high temperature H2 separation membrane technology is maturing rapidly and stands at the threshold of commercialisation.

Environmental Catalysts

CRI have catalysts that can work for your specific applications.

Hydrogenation and Specialty Catalysts

CRI Catalyst Company offers a wide range of selective hydrogenation catalyst products. Catalysts are available for both petrochemical and chemical applications.


CRI Catalyst Company can provide a broad range of high performance catalysts to support renewable fuels production by thermochemical processes including pyrolysis and gasification.

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