Specialty hydrogenation catalysts

Today, with over 70 years of catalyst development expertise in a broad range of specialty applications, “CRI Catalyst Leuna GmbH”, delivers a full slate of proprietary and custom catalysts to our valued customers. Areas where CRI offers high performance catalysts include but are not limited to:

Hydrogenation of nitro compounds to amines

CRI offers multiple catalyst products for the reduction (hydrogenation) of aliphatic nitro compounds to their corresponding amines. The types of catalyst available include nickel, copper, cobalt, and combinations thereof on a wide variety of carriers.

Hydrogenation of glucose to sorbitol

CRI offers catalysts for the hydrogenation of glucose to sorbitol. The bulk nickel catalysts are available in tablet or extrudate form on a variety of carriers suited for the specific working environment.

Hydrogenation of resins

CRI offers catalyst products for the hydrogenation of resin streams. The bulk nickel catalysts are available in tablet or extrudate form. These high activity nickel catalysts demonstrate a high tolerance for typical poisons contributing to an extended catalyst life while minimizing potential side reactions.

Aromatic saturation

CRI offers multiple catalyst products for the hydrogenation of aromatic compounds in solvent streams. Both bulk and impregnated nickel products are available. The catalysts offered are commercially proven to yield high activity and long life in a wide variety of solvent streams.

Hydrogenation of phenylacetylene to styrene

CRI offers catalysts for the hydrogenation of phenylacetylene to styrene (PAR reaction). Due to the exceptional commercial performance, the palladium-based catalyst operates in multiple styrene production plants around the world.

Vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) catalysts

CRI’s VAM catalysts are designed to meet two important performance characteristics: stability and activity. These catalysts have maintained commercial performance with life cycles greater than three years even at very high space time yields (STY’s) of 850 or greater. CRI has a VAM catalyst to achieve your high activity and production goals.

Nylon production chain catalysts

CRI offers several catalysts used in the nylon production process: Catalysts to hydrogenate phenol to cyclohexanone, convert alpha methyl styrene (AMS) to cumene, and saturate benzene to cyclohexane.

Hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexane

CRI offers catalysts for the hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexane. The catalyst includes highly dispersed impregnated nickel product and bulk nickel products for refinery applications, and high selectivity nickel catalysts (ultra-low side reactions) for chemical grade applications.

More in catalysts

Guard beds and adsorbents

CRI offers a wide variety of adsorbents, with a focus on providing adsorbents/guard beds upstream of specific hydrogen steps, giving additional protection to the downstream catalytic processes.

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