• Traditional products for size/activity grading within fixed bed reactors as well as products to trap alkali, alkaline earth metals, phosphorus and arsenic.
  • High activity noble and base metal formulations to remove oxygen from renewable fuel intermediates. CRI products demonstrate exceptional performance and hydrothermal stability in HDO applications.
  • Stable high activity noble and base metal catalyst formulations to hydrodesulfurize (HDS)and hydrodenitrogenate (HDN) renewable fuel intermediates.
  • High performance base and noble metal formulations to achieve aromatics reduction in renewable fuels.
  • Isomerization catalysts to improve the low temperature and/or viscosity characteristics of your renewable fuels.
  • Base metal catalysts to provide combined isomerisation/dewaxing.
  • A variety of catalysts to selectively dehydrate alcohols up to a carbon number of approximately 20.
  • Catalysts to oligomerize olefinic species within your renewable feedstock in order to increase its molecular weight and boiling point range. Different catalysts can be supplied to maximize yields specifically in the gasoline, jet or diesel ranges.


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Strategic Alliances

CRI Catalyst has a number of Strategic Alliances supporting the Upstream & Renewables segment. Find out more information about each of these below.


The IH2 technology is a catalytic thermochemical process that has been estimated to provide a very cost-effective route.

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