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Catalyst selection
CRI's knowledgeable team can help you choose the best catalyst for your process, operating conditions, and individual constraints. Performance predictions and economic models are used to optimise the catalyst choice.

To ensure the best operation of CRI catalyst, technical training is available to plant technical and operations staff.

Pre-Start-Up Support
Tube inspections, reactor loading, and general turnaround support can be provided upon request to ensure that CRI catalyst is handled and loaded properly into the plant reactors.

Start-Up Support
A dedicated technical team are available to assist each customer during the initial phase of catalyst operation to ensure safe and efficient start up.

On-Site Analytical Services
Specific to Ethylene Oxide Catalyst support, CRI has a significant fleet of mobile analytical laboratories, which can measure catalyst performance in real time, either upon start-up or at mutually agreed-upon test run benchmarks throughout the life of the catalyst.

Routine Performance Monitoring
CRI tracks the ongoing performance of each customer’s catalyst charge, ensuring that it is operating smoothly and offering advice on how to maximise performance.

On-going Technical Support
Throughout the life cycle of the catalyst, the team is available 24 hours a day to answer questions, provide advice, update customers on new developments, troubleshoot problems and provide solutions.

Analytical Post-Mortem
Complex analytical tools allow CRI to offer detailed analytical testing of spent catalyst, helping customers troubleshoot process contaminants and other potential hidden process problems.

Global Customer Meetings
CRI hosts a Global EO technology conference. This conference showcases the latest developments in catalyst and process technology, reviewing safety incidents and improvements, and offer the world’s Ethylene Oxide producers an opportunity to learn from one another.

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Research & Development

Research and development is conducted utilising CRI and Shell resources in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Houston (USA), CRI Leuna (Germany) and Bangalore (India).

Shell Global Solutions Technology Licensing

Shell Global Solutions licenses refining and petrochemical technologies and also provides business and operational consultancy to help its customers upgrade the capacity and performance of their existing units.