Customers are continuously striving to improve their production processes, provide better products, develop leading-edge technologies and maintain consistent operating results. In many cases, a key to achieving these goals is the development of custom catalyst products, designed specifically for individual customer applications/processes. CRI works with customers to create and/or identify specific catalysts to help achieve their program goals.

CRI Catalyst Company LP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, and a sister company to Criterion Catalyst & Technologies LP, a major supplier to the refinery catalyst market. CRI/CRITERION offer over 100 years of catalyst development expertise for the refining and petrochemical industries. This collaboration offers the market both catalyst research and development and manufacturing facilities strategically located around the globe.

Speed to market on new technology advances is critical. Without the proper global support, catalyst expertise, research skill sets, and close collaboration with a trusted partner, deadlines can extend and opportunities are lost. That is where CRI delivers value.

CRI’s resources include the latest technologies/tools for catalyst development and testing, and an experienced workforce, from the lab technician to the Ph.D. research chemist. Along with these assets we add the ability to understand our customers’ needs and work closely and securely with them to develop a catalyst that reaches their goals. Our knowledge base adds value and our resources provide the desired speed to market.

CRI delivers innovation.


CRI operates catalyst manufacturing plants in the United States and Europe. Our multi-plant manufacturing options includes a full range of base and noble metal catalyst and zeolite production capabilities. We provide product supply continuity, logistical optimization and competitive manufacturing costs in state-of-the-art production facilities.

CRI manufacturing capabilities include: -
Crystallization Ion exchange
Precipitation Tableting
Co-precipitation Reduction
Metal solutions preparation Passivation
Extrusion Regeneration
Impregnation Grinding
Drying Sulfur post-treatment
Calcination -

CRI manufactures a myriad of catalysts in a multitude of sizes. They include:

Forms Shapes
Al/Si/Ti/Zr carriers Specialized spheres
Precious or base metal impregnations Membranes
Bulk metals Zeolites
Spheres Rings
Cylinders/trilobes Hollow cylinders
Tablets Specialized shapes


CRI utilizes its global resources, talented scientists and advanced analytical tools to not only develop individualized catalyst solutions but to offer our customers the opportunity to explore catalyst improvements. CRI is also able to investigate potential operational problems through post-mortem analysis of spent catalysts samples with the goal to continuously improve catalyst life, selectivity and efficiency.

CRI capabilities include (but are not limited to):
Surface analysis
Contamination analysis
Material science investigation

CRI is dedicated to deliver innovative technical solutions to our partners to effectively meet their program goals.

CRI delivers innovation

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