CRI VOC and CO removal technology allows for removal of these compounds via catalytic oxidation. Catalytic oxidation converts VOCs into gas containing commonly occurring carbon dioxide and water.

The use of CRI catalysts in the oxidation process and in the LFR module configuration allows this reaction to take place at lower temperatures than thermal oxidation, saving fuel and operating costs. With the proper design, VOC conversions can be as high as 99.9%, well exceeding current EPA requirements and regulations worldwide.


CRI catalysts can be used to reduce VOC and CO emissions in the following industries and processes:

  • Ovens / Coatings;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Soil Remediation;
  • Food: Bakeries / Coffee Roasting;
  • Refineries;
  • Petrochemical;
  • CO2 Sequestration / Capture; and 
  • Boilers / Turbines / Furnaces.

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