Arsine/mercury adsorbent for C2/C3 fractions

CRI has designed an efficient guard bed to protect C2 and C3 catalysts from common poisons, specifically sulfur, arsine, and/or mercury. The adsorbent is designed to operate within the reaction system, at standard operating conditions, eliminating the need for the design of a separate poison guard system. 

Sulfur guard bed

CRI offers a variety of sulfur adsorbents designed to trap specific sulfur species. Sorbents include copper products for light sulfur adsorption at ambient conditions on ethylene/methane feeds for an ethylene oxide production plant, and nickel adsorbents for more complex sulfur removal in reformer feed streams.

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Specialty Catalysts

In 1997, CRI acquired “KataLeuna”, the historic catalyst manufacturer located in Eastern Germany and now, an integral research and manufacturing site for CRI.