CRI has a broad range of high performance catalysts for renewable fuels production by thermochemical processes including pyrolysis and gasification, and to support thermochemical steps in hybrid routes, such as hydrodeoxygenation (HDO), oligomerization, selective alcohol dehydration, isomerisation/dewaxing and heteroatom removal. Having an extensive portfolio is critical in this space, as solutions vary according to the individual characteristics of a process, and their feed source.

CRI’s catalyst experience over a wide range of technologies can help address the challenges of renewable fuels and means CRI can provide custom catalysts to meet special needs. Already have a catalyst for your process? CRI has a number of custom manufacturing relationships in this space and can meet most needs quickly and efficiently.

CRI is the exclusive worldwide licensor of IH2 Technology, which was developed at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI ) in Des Plaines, IL. This technology directly converts virtually any biomass to high quality (ligno)cellulosic hydrocarbon gasoline, diesel or jet fuels and/or blend stocks via a two stage thermochemical process. The IH2 process technology uses specially tailored CRI catalysts in both the Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion stages.

*IH2 is a trademark of Gas Technology Institute.

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