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Illinois-based Gas Technology Institute (GTI) is the developer of the IH2Technology. CRI Catalyst Company has acquired exclusive global sublicensing rights for the IH2 technology, which converts biomass directly into cellulosic gasoline and diesel hydrocarbon blendstocks.

The IH2 technology uses low pressure hydrogen together with a proprietary catalyst to remove virtually all of the oxygen present in the starting biomass and produce finished hydrocarbon fuel products. Compared to conventional pyrolysis processes, this efficient, balanced approach optimizes the energy used to convert a range of non-food feedstocks into renewable transportation fuels or chemicals. As a result, the technology is highly flexible and is economical for both small- and large-scale applications.

The licensing agreement between the parties will expedite the realization of clean energy initiatives to increase energy supply and contribute towards regional mandates for renewable fuels. GTI and CRI work collaboratively to further the IH2 technology and bring the technology to the global marketplace.

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CRI has a strategic alliance with Zeton. They will be supporting IH2 technology with design and fabrication of the demonstration scale plants with capacities up to 330-tons/day dry biomass feedstock rates.

Zeton designed and constructed the modular IH2 technology pilot plant, which was commissioned at GTI in February 2012, and now operates in support of global IH2 Technology deployment, fulfilment of Department of Energy project goals, and technology advancement. Zeton worked closely with both IH2 technology provider GTI and CRI to understand the specific requirements for the pilot plant. It is expected that Zeton’s expertise in modular process plant design and construction will serve to streamline these aspects for CRI’s IH2 demonstration plants for licensed parties while optimising capital cost requirements within the projected targets.

About Zeton

Zeton is the world leading designer and builder of innovative lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and small modular commercial plants. Located in Burlington, ON, Canada and Enschede, The Netherlands, Zeton has completed over 700 projects, more than 35 of which were demonstration plants. Since 1986, Zeton has helped its customers to bring their new technology and processes to market.

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CRI has selected KBR as the preferred Engineering, Procurement, and Constructionpartner supporting licensed design of the IH2 technology commercial scale facilities, having greater than 330-tons/day dry biomass feed rates. KBR employs more than27,000 people worldwide and delivers a wide range of services supporting the energy, hydrocarbon, government services, minerals, civil infrastructure, power and industrial markets.

KBR’s international resources and decades of experience with the proven technology components of an IH2 technology processing facility, will serve to meet the rapid implementation timelines of CRI’s IH2 Technology licensors. KBR has been actively involved in the biofuels industry and is positioned to provide expertise and experience in support of IH2 Technology commercialization, either as grass root facilities, or as integrated with existing manufacturing sites.

About KBR

KBR is headquartered in Houston, Texas, also known as the energy capital of the world. The Company employs over 27,000people worldwide in 70+ countries.

KBR delivers a wide range of services through its Hydrocarbons; Infrastructure, Government & Power; and Services Business Groups. Hydrocarbons Business Group Business Units include Gas Monetization; Oil & Gas, Downstream, and Technology. Infrastructure, Government & Power Business Group Business Units include: North American Government & Logistics (NAGL); International Government, Defence & Support Services (IGDSS); Infrastructure; Minerals; and Power & Industrial.  Services Business Group Business Units include: Construction; Canada Operations; Building Group; and Industrial Services.

KBR differentiates itself as a technology-driven engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company. For more information about KBR, please visit their website.

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