The ability to deliver differentiated technologies to the market is built on the manufacturing and technological expertise of its partners, PQ Corporation and CRI Zeolites Inc., a CRI/Criterion Inc. affiliate. ZSC is committed to developing differentiated zeolitic catalyst technology for its customers and delivering solutions that meet the complex demands of today’s operators.

ZSC’s reputation as a catalyst technology partner is founded on over 20 years of delivery with an impressive track record of providing new products that meet or exceed client expectations. ZSC catalytic solutions can help operators maximize their asset utilization and production through an extensive catalyst portfolio tailored to various feedstocks to increase yield while providing world class technical service.

Flexibility in technology is required to maximise returns, especially in volatile market conditions. ZSC can tailor catalytic solutions to meet market demands and deliver value to its customers. CRI’s ZCS business provides a customized value proposition to potential partners that require a zeolitic catalyst technology leader to develop, produce and commercialise their zeolite catalysts.

ZSC has a successful track record with such partners as Axens in the development and delivery of Xylene Isomerization- Ethylbenzene Reforming Type catalysts (OparisTM) and has established itself as one of the world’s market leaders in this field. More recently, ZSC successfully introduced transalkylation technology (ATATM series catalysts) co-developed with SK-Innovation.

Along with catalyst development and commercialization expertise, ZSC offers the following commercial capabilities:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Quality Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
  • Production Modelling Tools
  • Customer service and onsite Technical Support

ZSC provides significant contributions to its partners’ success in revenue generation, new product developments and technology delivery through its market intelligence, global sales network, manufacturing best practices and CRI/Criterion’s proven reputation to deliver highly valued technical service expertise from its global organization.

Zeolyst Specialty Catalysts is an industry leader and service provider in zeolitic catalyst technology and would like to be your valued supplier. Contact us today.

* Zeolyst International is jointly owned by CRI Zeolites Inc., a subsidiary of CRI/Criterion Inc., and PQ Corporation. Since its inception in 1988, Zeolyst International has emerged as a global leader in the disciplines of zeolite powders, catalysts and adsorbents.

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