Z-700A can be applied to on-purpose isomerization of pentane and hexane. Used in refineries and petrochemical complexes, the catalyst produces a high-octane gasoline blending component. Z-700A commercial applications have demonstrated benefits such as ease of loading, low dusting, long term stability, high selectivity and high activity. Additionally, Z-700A has demonstrated its tolerance towards sulphur poisoning and successful recovery from such contamination incidents.


Building on Shell Hysomer Process catalyst 30+ years’ experience, the improved Athos-1 is a more active and selective catalyst, that produces high-octane-number branched-chain hydrocarbons efficiently. In comparison to previous paraffin isomerization catalysts, the low density Athos-1 offers additional operational and commercial advantages.

Aromatics Hydrocarbons processing

Zeolyst Specialty Catalyst has a wide range of commercialised zeolitic- based aromatics catalysts available which can be adapted to meet specific requirements, aiding plant operators in developing the most optimized and efficient processes for maximum economic returns.

Zeolyst offers a wide variety of commercial zeolite catalysts, and can tailor catalysts for specific applications to help you optimise your processes for maximum success.

Aromatics Hydrocarbons Processing Type Products


Specifically designed for high conversion and diverse feed composition, ATA-12 and ATA-21 catalysts are used in aromatics complexes in the toluene disproportionation unit or transalkylation unit when conversion of toluene and C9+ aromatics to mixed xylenes and benzene is required.

Including a transalkylation unit in the aromatics complex can increase the yield of paraxylene from naphtha feedstock by over 100%

Ethylbenzene reforming type

With a significantly better ethyl benzene approach-to-equilibrium and paraxylene yield over other commercial catalysts, the OparisTM series catalysts are used in aromatics complexes where conversion of ethylbenzene to xylenes is required in conjunction with isomerization of xylenes into the equilibrium composition. Due to its high activity and selectivity, OparisTM series catalysts can be used in catalyst replacement when debottlenecking the unit and/or when minimum benzene production is required.

Ethylbenzene dealkylation type

With its high benzene purity and improved paraxylene yield, Zataris catalysts can be used in aromatics complexes when conversion of ethylbenzene to benzene is required in conjunction with isomerization of xylenes into the equilibrium composition. Zataris catalysts are designed to operate at high activity and selectivity, and are suitable to be used for catalyst replacement when debottlenecking.

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Zeolyst Benzene Alkylation

CRI offers several proprietary zeolite catalysts for the production of ethyl benzene, cumene and LAB (Linear Alkyl Benzene).

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Zeolyst Specialties delivers value to our customers through differentiated zeolitic catalyst technology provided through our highly experienced technical service organization.