Ethyl benzene

Ethylbenzene is primarily used in the manufacturing of styrene, which in turn produces plastics (polystyrene).

Ethylbenzene is produced though an acid-catalyzed alkylation reaction between ethylene and benzene on a commercial scale. After commercializing the first zeolitic-based catalyst in 1995, CRI has continued research on the zeolites. The latest zeolite catalyst offers high ethylene conversion, low Benzene to Ethylene ratio and improved resistance to poisons.


Cumene, also known as isopropylbenzene, is produced through a Friedel-Crafts alkylation reaction between benzene and propylene. It is typically consumed in the production of phenol and acetone and is integrated with a phenol plant.

Equipped with in-depth benzene alkylation knowledge, CRI has developed a high propylene conversion, low Benzene to Propylene ratio and poison-resistant beta zeolite cumene catalyst.

Linear Alkylbenzene

Linear Alkylbenzene (LAB) is commonly produced for application in biodegradable surfactants, which are used in detergents. Hydrotreated kerosene is typically introduced as feed to the LAB process, where linear paraffins are subsequently dehydrogenated to linear olefins. The linear olefins, together with Benzene, will then undergo an alkylation process over a solid zeolitic catalyst in a fixed bed to form LAB. In recent years, solid catalyst alkylation has been replacing hydrofluoric acid units in a push for increased sustainability.

Building on the success of previous commercially proven catalyst, the latest Z-808 provides increased activity and selectivity. Optimization of the catalyst manufacturing process has increased the selectivity of the Z-808, resulting in higher LAB yield.

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CRI offers several proprietary zeolite catalysts for the production of ethyl benzene, cumene and LAB (Linear Alkyl Benzene).

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