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IH² Demonstration Facility

The IH² Demonstration Facility includes the key process units of the IH² technology and operates at 5 metric tonne per day converting forestry, agricultural and mixed urban waste into fungible hydrocarbon transportation fuels (gasoline, jet and diesel).

*IH² is a trademark of Gas Technology Institute

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Environmental Catalysts

CRI have catalysts that can work for your specific applications. Trained professionals will be able to work with you to determine which catalyst will meet your specific needs.

CO2 Polishing Catalyst

CRI provides stable high-performance catalysts to remove trace contaminants from carbon dioxide streams prior to further use in chemical, agricultural and/or food applications.

Hydrogenation and Specialty Catalysts

CRI Catalyst Company offers a wide range of selective hydrogenation catalyst products. Catalysts are available for both petrochemical and chemical applications.