The Demonstration Facility, which processes five metric tonnes of feedstock per day on a dry, ash-free basis, is located at Shell Technology Center Bangalore (STCB), India. The construction of the facility started in Q4 2016 based on a design that uses commercially available, ‘off-the-shelf’ equipment in all key process elements. Commissioning and start up was completed in Q3 2017 after more than 350,000 manhours on site without safety incident.

Among the 44 vendor packages, Zeton, Inc., of Ontario, Canada has constructed a modular skid-mounted main processing unit containing the hydropyrolysis and hydroconversion reactors, Hydro-Chem, a Linde affiliate, of Atlanta, GA US provided the hydrogen manufacturing unit, and Dresser Rand of Gujarat, India supplied the hydrogen compressor.

Successful operation of the Demonstration Facility has been a key milestone in the scale-up and commercialization of the IH² process. First hydrocarbon was produced in October 2017 and full ramp-up to nameplate capacity has been achieved in Q1 2018.

The purpose of the Demonstration Facility is to showcase the integration of an IH² process with a steam reformer using the off-gasses of the main process to achieve hydrogen self-sufficiency. It will also validate the product quality and yield structure of the process using multiple commercial feedstocks and catalyst particle sizes, under commercially relevant hydrodynamic conditions. For licensees, the unit also provides a training platform for operators.

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